Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This blog makes me wish

I had more time/motivation/space/disposable income for projects.

Nothing but inspiration. (That particular post is calling my name, but seriously. Take your time. Look around. Be inspired.)

I'm also working on a new nursery plan. Bunny is in our room (and our bed) for the foreseeable future, which means I can take my time and make a nursery worthy of the design mags I'm addicted to. If Domino were still around, I would have submitted pictures of the awesomness. Instead, I'm just using it as my yardstick.

But check this out:


I'm in love with that corner bench, and I could hack this one (well, two) from IKEA:


I'm all inspired. It would even still works with that room as a guest room.  Now if only I were cleared to carry things heavier than my infant.

PS - I'm doing a weekly series with Bunny. Sticking him in the black chair every Monday and shooting him. I'll post those up here - I feel that's a nice balance between a million "look at how cute my kid is!" images and keeping him completely anonymous. It's taking longer than anticipated to get into a rhythm, most days I can't even eat on a regular schedule.

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