Sunday, June 20, 2010

Could you do an update post about your cloth diapers? Which brands are you liking best these days? (I'm looking to switch...)

I am waiting for a new type of insert to arrive in the mail and then I do have plans for an update. Quickly, though, I love our fuzzibunz, still. The grobaby (now called grovia) are too short in the rise for our long, skinny boy, so they've been retired. I've replaced them with Thirsties Duo covers (the inserts that I'm waiting on) and am also using Thirsties Fab Fitted inserts. I have a couple of Bum Genius All-In-Ones, but I'm not a huge fan because the fit is weird. But that could be because our little guy is long and skinny. The grobaby/grovia disposable inserts work with the Thirsties shells and are still the only 'sposie insert I recommend. It's not necessary to use the tape to keep them in place, but that might change as Bunny gets more mobile. When the new inserts arrive I will post a blog with pictures and more in-depth reviews.
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