Thursday, February 18, 2010

Movement Mat pt. II

So if you recall, we turned our "dining room" into the "playroom" way back in August.

And yesterday's before image is of what I did to the corner.

Here is the after image:


It's on film, and shot at full automatic. Sigh. But let me tell you something: it's a total PITA to keep track of which image is what settings (aperture, shutter speed...the ISO is the film speed, so that was easy: 400) AND catch an expression on your infant's face where his eyes are open and he's not about to scream with boredom. 
In PSE8 I simply boosted the exposure, contrast, and saturation. Then I used my favorite "rounded corners" action and added my watermark.

I'm not thrilled with the font, but I do like the clean bar - sans little floofy icon on the right. And since making a watermark is so very easy...I can make many, many, many incarnations until I get one I like.
Tutorial at my favorite new "how-to" site: coffeeshop.

Oh, and font by dafont.

And here's a shot of the whole corner:

 (shutter: 1/30, f3.5, ISO 200 - this is straight out of my phd*)

That's the madrock crash pad under there.  Good for many things including (but not limited to) tummy time, on-the-back flailing about, watching the light reflect on the ceiling, admiring ourselves in the mirror, running and falling onto while giggling like a maniac (my 2 year old nephew last week), falling onto off of a wall, couching up and reading together, couching up and spraying climbing stories that may or may not be bogus while enjoying a couple of cheap cold ones between climbs. When he gets a little older I'm going to hook up a bar for him to pull up on so he'll have somewhere sturdy and safe to practice standing. 

*phd = Push Here, Dummy. Also known as a point-and-shoot, but much more fun to say :) I do love my little Olympus for the quick and dirty shots.

So there you have it. A movement mat and some

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