Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things that make you go ACK!

We've had some mishaps over the past few weeks. Not just mountains of laundry and an unbelievable amount of spit-up...no. In addition to the not-unusual "crap I broke this glass/bowl/teapot" occurrence, we also BLEW UP a pyrex and we reminded to always use sheet rock anchors.

That's right, folks. PYREX. In shards in my microwave. I'm minding my own business one night about two weeks ago (it really is a blur with a newborn in the house) and I hear Husband call from the Kitchen: "I didn't think it was possible. I blew up one of the pyrexes in the microwave." So I get up and shuffle in and I'm aware that he's apologizing, but I'm having two reactions: 1) complete awe that YES, it didn't just crack, it exploded and I'm sad I missed the actual event...and 2) this is hysterical, I must get a picture.
For the record, this piece came from THIS line. (Part of a set we picked up at Costco. I LOVE it.) I'm currently debating replacing it with a la carte pieces from pyrex so our lids continue to be interchangeable where size of container allows...or pick up some of THESE (potentially more useful for leftovers) from Sur La Table.

So there's that.

Next we have this:

That's the left side of a towel rack. It's been wiggly but last week it just came out. I'm repairing it this weekend. I'm doing it, rather than our landlord, because he's got some crazy aversion to anchors that I'm just not on board with. Also, it gives me an excuse to repaint the entire bathroom.


This is the sexy tile that's in there. Believe it or not, the floor matches, except it's cheap-ass linoleum with GOLD FLECKS in it. I wish I were kidding.
Anyway - there's bits of turquoise in the tile and I'm going to match the paint to that. Hopefully, it'll help with the mood of the room. I'd normally do a pink/peach because it makes the light so flattering, but it is the boy's bathroom so I decided not to do that to them. 

More sexiness:

The lighting over the mirror. Yes, it is that yellow. It's ok to be jealous. Are those supposed to be lotuses? And yes, like every other piece of decorative metal in this house...that's brass. I can feel your jealousy.


The diaper changing station with it's sexxxxxxy swag on the window. I'm tempted to just take it down and hide it in the summer kitchen and hope that it catches fire. (There's normally a cover on that pad, but I think it may have gotten dirty and landed in the wetbag. Otherwise, it's been stolen by the Changing Pad Gnomes.)
Ok-  last picture - this is my 4 week post partum belly (I'd wait 'til Friday, but my ambitious schedule is already so jacked...)


Why yes, my boobies are humongous. And yes I have bed head. And the skin of a fifteen year old boy. 
I'll post some "afters" of the bathroom. If we weren't renting, they'd probably include new tile. They'd DEFINITELY include a new light fixture...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You look completely amazing, Em. And I admire your ability to do all your projects. You rock!

  2. Yes, you do look amazing! Aren't you supposed to have a bigger belly?

    Anyway, I'm digging those light fixtures. I'm totally channeling 1920s glamour. I can see pink walls and black and white photos of actresses like a dressing room... but then you said it was a boys' bathroom, didn't you?

  3. Yup - boys bathroom. And the tiles is not conducive to pink at all. Also, our last bathroom was pink and black and white :-) I wish I had pictures.

    And thanks, ladies! I credit it to the over-zealous "massaging" of my uterus that the doctors and nurses did in the hospital. Most painful thing I've ever experienced. And I was even on morphine while they did it.


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