Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sensory Tub Take 1

I keep reading about the importance of sensory tubs/tables.

There aren't a lot of "activities" available to the under-2.5 crowd these days, so we take what we can get.

Mine was easy peasy to make. I happened to have a cake tin collecting dust with my other (not disposable, but also collecting dust) cake tins. I poured into it rice (it was on sale in the bulk aisle of Whole Foods) and Black Beans (ditto the rice) and sticky gummy frogs (party favor bag aisle at Target) and tiny pom poms (ditto the frogs.)

Baz dove in.

He dug around.

He taste-tested.

He made a mess.

 It's not fun if it's not messy.

Dad "helped," too.

 And then, for the coup de grace, I gave him a "scoop."

Good times, my friends. Good times.


  1. What a fun idea! I think kids think that making messes equal fun!

  2. I am glad to see this posted for a 1 year old. My daughter just turned 1 at the end of Janaury and I wanted to make some sort of sensory table/kit for her but she still puts everything in her mouth so I thought I might have to wait. Hmm...I am least if it were rice, it wouldn't be a choking hazard.

  3. He did taste everything in it- but it's rice and black beans and I'm right there if things get out of hand. He is learning that not everything goes in his mouth and now we've moved on to learning that not everything gets dumped on the floor...

  4. I have also heard that you can use rolled oats if they put everything in their mouths - like mine does.

    I have also used shredded paper. She was a bit wary at first but got the hang of it pretty soon.

  5. I like the idea of rolled oats - you could do a breakfast theme! The themes for sensory tubs are never ending. Right now, I consider out sand and water table a sensory tub!


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