Monday, January 24, 2011

Crayon Making Part 2

Since the previous crayons were a partial fail, I went with the old standby: muffin tins.

 Baz helped by eating a teething biscuit. (And the weird light is because it's super nice today so we had the kitchen door open.)

 Step one: DON'T OVERFILL. 

Helpful tip: use a paring knife to slit the crayon wrapping - it just flips off then. Otherwise you're peeling all these irritating strips that just rip apart. You know what I mean.

 Right out of the oven.

 Dried but not entirely cool.

They just slipped right out of the muffin papers - funky spikes and all. 

 I rolled them around to remove the spikes and then flipped them upside down to show you the bottom effect.

In their little tin (thanks, IKEA!)

They're stored in the tin by the finger paints, card stock (which we got from our nice neighbor and - being thicker - is a nice starting paper for baby art.)

That's the sensory tray on the right. It's "asleep" for now because he decided it was more fun to take handfuls and drop on the floor. One day next week we'll pull it back out and try again. For the record - he doesn't get "in trouble" for "bad behavior" (all in quotes because he's 12 months old, for cripes sake) - we simply say "ok, all finished!" after a few warnings, and then put away whatever he's having a hard time with. A few days later it comes out as though nothing happened and we start over. I'll let you know how that works out.

And now - since he's *actually napping* I'm going to do the dishes.

I found a dollar in the washing machine today. I'm fairly certain it was mine to begin with, but it was like being paid to do chores. I got a little thrill. A WHOLE DOLLAR! I'm RICH!

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