Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Was Going to Eat That!

So our property has a good number of fruit bearing trees on it - all right now in various stages of bloom/ripening.

In the middle of the front yard, all by its lonesome (some would say - randomly) is a plum tree. Not to be mistaken with the pretty plum cherry trees in the back this one is gnarled and craggy and in fall it looks downright malicious. Great at halloween.

In the spring it bears more fruit than it can bear. To be repetitive and redundant.

And literal:

Can you see the break? No? It's over there on the right.
Here's a close up:

So how much was lost, you ask?

This much:

There are starving people all over the world and I've got a plum tree that can't manage its own bounty.

Argh. Good thing we weren't relying on that branch for much more than snack food.

Any idea what we should be on the scar to ward off infection?


  1. Our landlord remedied that problem with the Meyer lemon in our front yard by inserting a 2x4 that was the right height under the weak limb. Just in case it happens again...

  2. We've got extra wood so we could do that if we had warning, but I was out there literally last week taking pictures of all the green fruit and saw no signs that this branch was under too heavy a load. Of course, we've had rain and wind since then and I am certainly not a professional. Something tells me it might be time for one.

    At any rate, I will now make sure we don't toss that wood - thanks for the tip!


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