Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ethics, a Budget, and Your Taste Buds

...a new series I've got over at NPN:

IMG_1486If you're paying any attention to food at all lately, you've noticed that it's not enough anymore to simply buy the food your parents bought while you were growing up and trust that it's just as chock-full of nutrients as it always has been. In addition to the familiar Organic vs. Traditional debate, there are GMOs to consider, labor conditions, corporate donations, food miles, and the welfare of the animals that will wind up on your plate. Add to that your family's need to stick to a budget as well as your desire to serve only food that tastes amazing…and you've got quite a conundrum on your hands. Which takes priority? Your conscience? Your bank account? Your taste buds? Hopefully, there are ways to satisfy all three. This is an ongoing series in which we'll address each challenge in depth, but I thought I would start by talking about how we do it in our house. It's really simple. Are you ready? Do the best you can with what you have. Read more at Natural Parents Network >>

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