Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Glob Paints: a Review

***So I got this GLOB kit as a freebie through NPN - under the impression that I was doing a review/giveaway for them. But I'm NOT doing a giveaway. I do, however, love this little paint kit, so here is my review.****

 I was super excited to do this review - we're big painters around here and the idea of natural pigments that we can mix to our exacting specifications is very appealing. Then I did some research on the company and it just got better and better. They're based in California (where the paints are made) and the company uses only natural, botanical sources: seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. The company is also really focused on the community - once a year they give a selected school paints and art supplies to help keep art in the school despite the budget cuts that seem to get deeper every year.

Mixin' it up! 
 We really enjoyed the process - picking the colors (we started with two) and mixing them and then, of course, painting. The consistency was a little hard to get right - I used WAY too much water (I should have read the directions, in retrospect) but we got to see the saturation as I added more pigment to get it right. The pigment bags look like seed packets, which is super cute, and they include a little compostable cup with a lid for each color (you could use condiment cups or ramekins for blending, if you were so inclined.)

   The pigments themselves are gluten-free and vegan, so if you have those concerns, you can breathe easy. It says on the bags that it's neither intended for consumption nor recommended for those under 6, but I wouldn't worry about either of those too much. After all, even the pros eat a little paint here and there. I can't think of anything I would improve - maybe more color options and a better sealing packet for the unused pigment, but those are really minor concerns. Ultimately, these are going on my "excellent gift" list for future gift-giving occasions. Trust me. They are that awesome.   Get your own HERE.

The finished product. Notecards for every occasion!

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