Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love Without Boundaries

Ashley Anne Campbell, known around our house as "Firecracker's mom" is one of my favorite bloggers. I don't remember the first post that drew me there, although I assume it was following something photography-related that I googled. Her daughter, Firecracker, is months older than Baz. Firecracker is the second youngest of 5 children: 4 boys, Firecracker, and a daughter named Song who (for now) lives in an orphanage in China.

She is the kind of mother I hope that I can be - it is reflected in the graciousness of her sons - spend a few hours reading her archives and you'll be convinced.

So when she decided to do something to help the children living with her youngest daughter in China, she  opened the doors for the rest of us to help. Her original goal was to raise $1400 for an incubator...within 24 hours she had raised over $8,000 and more is still being donated. With the extra funds, they are sponsoring children with special needs - specifically cleft palates who need very specialized care before and after their surgeries. So far, 9 children have been sponsored.

If you donate  by tomorrow, she'll send you a pdf of an 8x10 print for you to hang on your wall as a reminder of the life you helped save. (There's a $20 minimum for the prints, to help save her sanity.)

Click HERE to read about the Incubator Project (and more recent posts feature the children who are being sponsored.)

Click HERE to read their adoption story. 

Even if you don't donate now, keep this organization (or similar) in mind for the times when you can donate - just as wise men plant trees under whose shade they'll never sit, so do those who help a child who they'll never meet.

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