Saturday, February 5, 2011

The office...prepared

The office is (closer to) finished! Behold the best two parts:

This is the ubiquitous IKEA Expedit bookshelf. It is awesome. We moved everything electric/with flashy lights got moved to the top - printer up there on the left and next to it the router, magazines (note the alone hat), my Employee of the Year trophy from Cooper (brag, brag) and the network something or other.

Second shelf (l to r): scanner, Montessori albums and yarn, sewing books, cookbooks.
Third Shelf: printer paper, stationary/card supplies, ditto, cookbooks
Fourth: Legal pads, file folders, stamp stuff/card stuff, yarn etc, cookbooks (and blocks)
Bottom: pull toys, silks, wire maze, duplo blocks.

The silks are actually more Waldorf than Montessori, but I like the different shapes and sizes and textures for sensory exploration - and Baz likes them, too.

The handle-hole is the best part, in his opinion.

Turn 90 degree to the right and there's the desk with the lone computer (yay for downsizing!) and the music corner. 88 key synth, violin, and there on the left: Baz's instruments. There's also some books and some toys for him to pull out and play with when he wants.

That blue bag has the remaining VOLTRON pieces that are waiting to make their way to Steve's office.

Not pictured-  my desk/sewing table. Because it's a train wreck back there.

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  1. Anonymous18:58

    Aw, I loved that Voltron toy. So glad he's keeping it!


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