Friday, March 26, 2010

Bunny's First Custom Work

and by that I mean custom work done for Bunny. Commissioned by Husband and I through a new friend who quilts.

I wanted something large and inviting that he can use for years and years and that we can all wrap up in on the couch on movie nights. Or scary story nights. Or when it's just plain cold.

So I dragged Husband to a great fabric shop in Los Gatos and we (mostly he) picked fabrics for what came to be dubbed the "Supermassive Black Hole." It's a song by Muse that both Amy (new friend and quilter extraordinaire) and I like.*

Dedication Patch. I swoon.

The back is this single fabric, in case Bunny goes through a Jetsons phase ;-)

 Close up of the pattern. I took a few of it spread on the bed, but they didn't turn out. Trust.

Satisfied. Customer.

Shout out to Amy. Find her HERE. And maybe HERE.

*we also have this in common:


  1. its so lovely! What a great combination for a baby room, lots to look at!


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