Saturday, March 13, 2010

Braggy McBragerton

^ The mommy discussion board I frequent. It keeps me sane. It's also a safe haven for poop talk.
That's the cover of their latest bay-area issue of their magazine. Which you could procure if you knew exactly where to look.

But since that's slim...let me show you what's on page 19:

Word. My words. Well, some of my words. The original was 3,000 words long and written at 4:30 am one day during my 3rd trimester insomnia. My version includes references to chest-bursting, bed rest, an inordinate amount of morning sickness, and probably my ass (because all conversations lead back to someone's ass eventually, don't they?)

But no matter. My words. Printed. I did a happy dance and then I wanted an Amaretto Sour. But I'm currently boobing my son and not making enough to "pump and dump" and wine in small doses? Sure. But I'm keeping away from the hard stuff. At least until he's walking.

This is SO going on my resume, even though I didn't get paid. Who knows, if I ever find time to work no my novel, this little bit of non-college publishing might be what pushes me over the edge.


  1. THat's awesome! I got that exact issue, but it is the Houston area one. I wonder if they might have put your article in there. I'll have to check as soon as I get home (still in Dallas at the time of this comment).


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