Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blogging about the Weather. Seriously.

I am about to take back everything I've ever said about the general pussiness of the South Bay peeps in regard to their reaction to weather.

Ok - most of it. Their definition of "serious rain" leaves much to be desired, but I come from North Texas where the weather is frenetic and schizophrenic and likes to put you in your place every spring...and summer...and early fall.

OK - so this is the jet stream. The way that air currents normally flow. Now, if you add another circle of arrows going counter-clockwise in the Gulf and up into see the problem. Clashing air flows. Often cold/dry in the jet stream and warm/wet from the gulf...the perfect recipe for shit like this:

Except with rain and thunder and lightening and wind like you wouldn't believe. (More - recent images here)

What happened this morning was not that. That doesn't happen in South Bay. I can't even find pictures of the "storms" in South Bay because it's generally a nice, steady mountain rain.

Remember that my point of reference includes regular flash floods.

So this morning, at about 10:15 (maybe a little earlier), you can imagine that I was caught a little off-guard when my HOUSE STARTED SHAKING.

Now, I've read All About Earthquakes, but my first thought was that a very large truck had rumbled down the street or that the house across from us had started serious demo.

But no. Neither of those things were happening.

The shaking and rumbling subsided momentarily and my cats decided that they didn't need to hide under the bed.

And then it started again. It heard it. I felt it. My chair rolled a bit. It felt like someone picked the house up and dropped it. Not Wizard of Oz-like (this is not a tornado, there is no upward sucking) but like the earth decided my house wasn't comfortable and wanted it OFF.

The cats resumed freaking out.

I freaked out. The adrenaline freaked Bunny out - there was much kicking.

Finally, a full half hour later, Polly found a spot where she felt safe:

I think they both would agree with me (Kipper from under the bed where he's finally decided he's safe):

We NEVER need to feel that again. Ever. Give me window-rattling rain so thick you can't see the street any day. At least you can see that coming.

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