Friday, September 5, 2014

Flag on the Play! (Over at NPN)

Flag on the Play! | Natural Parents Network
A single penalty flag weighs about 3 ounces.

 A flag on the play. Literally. I had a genius idea the other night after dinner, watching my sons play the way little kids do: full contact and with lots of enthusiasm. They started to get a little too rambunctious, and my husband I started to call out warnings for them to cool it . . . of course they ignored us, and things elevated, and then everything ended in tears. Luckily it wasn't serious (a bonk here, a tumble there), but then a light bulb went off. Bright. Yellow. Flags. The weighted ones. Tossed in front of their faces when things started to look like they were getting out of hand. Could it work? Read more in my post today at Natural Parents Network, Flag on the Play.

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  1. Great idea! Hope it works for the kiddos.


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