Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emily vs. the Sewing Machine and the Cookie Monster

I required the use of the internet to make my sewing machine behave. Then I made this apron for Baz...and then we made chocolate chip cookies. 

(fabric here)

I slacked off and use ribbon instead of making ties. I'm ok with that.

Here's a tip for baking with kids: embrace the mise en place. Having everything measured and waiting in individual bowls helps prevent mistakes. It helps with eggshell retrieval, should you need that, too.

Also: measure flour by weight. This is a good rule of thumb anyway, but it's especially true for kids, who tend to pack dry goods into measuring cups with alarming inaccuracy. In order to avoid hockey-puck-like cookies, weigh your flour.

Tip number 2 - hover, but don't interfere without warning, and pose everything you do as helping THEM.  Your goal, after all, is to eventually have fresh cookies just appear before you (and have the kitchen clean, to boot!)

Tip 3 (not pictured): teach the fine art of tidying as you go. If everything is stacked nicely/rinsed/soaking then you can wash up while the cookies are in the oven and have a clean workspace before they've cooled past the scalding state!

These cookies were truly, truly delicious.


  1. Your kitchen is droolworthy! I love it. Your tips are pretty great, too! Ok impressed that you're baking already following the little dude's arrival!

    1. My mom was still here when we did this, so there were extra hands :-) And I'm flattered that you think my kitchen is droolworthy!


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