Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Which I am a Genius

Before: do you see where the toy company failed?

Solution: I used a pin instead of a paper clip because a) I couldn't find any paper clips and b) I felt the clasp would work better with the glue - more surface area to stick. 


Voila! So simple, a toddler can do it.

PS - I'm almost finished with my photo course - I'll do a wrap post with a couple of general tips next week - it ends this weekend. Photos (mostly unedited) are appearing in my flickr feed, perhaps progress is already apparent there?

PPS - not so wordless this Wednesday, but I'm ok with that. I don't blog regularly enough to restrict myself like that. ;-)


  1. First, the photos look so great! But even more - you are a genius. What a smart idea. If my boys still played with their Lighting McQueen, I would totally have tried this!

    1. Thank you! and Thank you :-) Every now and again, inspiration strikes.


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