Friday, December 2, 2011

Creating an Advent Calendar the Doesn't Suck

inspired, of course, by a Pinterest find.


24x30 canvas (but you could use any kind of backing you wanted)
wrapping paper (to cover the canvas - I had just enough of this paper from Paper Source, so I used it.)
Hot glue (for adhering the pockets to the backing)
3x5 cards
scrapbook paper and embellishments (or paint, if you're so inclined)
any graphic your heart desires (I cannot for the life of me remember where I printed mine from...anyone?)
A fun font. (I used this one.)
A list of advent activities (I used this one from the original post, slightly altered to better fit our current family)

Also helpful, a friend who's a rockin' paper crafter with a bunch of old paper she's willing to trade for pockets, canvas, and cards. 

Happy Adventing!

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