Monday, August 22, 2011

Making a Ramp

I have a kid whose favorite thing ever (so far) are cars. And construction equipment. The bigger the digger, the better.

So a few months ago, we pulled out some of Husband's matchbox cars and Baz hasn't stopped playing with them since.

Well, of course he needs a road for them. And until we get the play table and the road set we've got on our wishlist, (and maybe even after) cardboard will have to do!

So I took the box our hammock came in...

Cut it apart (with plain ol' scissors)

Folded and taped the end for the "Start"...

and then had to explain the concept to my child (who always lies down when I try and shoot from the floor...cute, but defeating my purposes.)

He figured it out.

By the way - that 3-wheeled car is named Tomber*, from Cars2 (which we haven't seen.) It's Reliant Robin (or based on, whatever) and it may be the funniest car ever made.

 (*pronounced: Toomer. As in "It's not a tumor...")

(this is safe for work...if  you work at the sort of place that allows you to watch BBC on Youtube...)


  1. A brilliant idea, and the pictures are awesome! I'm glad my kid isn't the only one who likes to lay on the floor ;)


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