Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The $6 easel

On our wall we have a white board. It's been there since we moved in and it existed on our wall in the loft, too. It lists important dates, our to-do list, shopping lists, etc. This weekend, I added a second piece of scrap (which had been in the loft as well, and stored in the current house.) I picked up a bucket from the $1 aisle at Target and a $5 package of dry-erase crayons. New favorite toy.

And yes, he does erase with one hand and draw with the other. It's adorable.


  1. That IS totally adorable. My kids love our dry erase board, too (it's theirs now--I've given up on trying to write anything on it!).

  2. We love dry erase crayons here, too. Very cool idea.

  3. I got my kids a chalkboard instead, because I'm kind of paranoid about those smelly markers getting all over their hands, and for some reason in my Mama brain chalk is totally innocuous, which may or may not be true! :D But it's wonderful to give them that reusable canvas!

  4. Dry erase CRAYONS?!? Oh this is so exciting, I haven't run across this art supply yet. Thanks so much for sharing!


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