Monday, June 27, 2011

You did WHAT to your closet?

I organized it.

And BOY HOWDY did it need it.





much cuter to just focus on something else, eh?

So then I hit the Container Store (they do not gave two shakes that I am writing this post, btw. I just like what they've got)

 So my helpers are: 1 Garment Bag, ! package of (the wrong style) hangers, 1 actual doorstop, and shelf dividers. And a cement mixer. Gotta have that.

 Into my poor son's closet (with the wrapping paper) goes the garment bag full of bridesmaid dresses, maternity, and nursing dresses. All of my pre-pg dresses that aren't dated but fit weird are also in there. 

Then I attacked my shoes. My feet shrank during my pregnancy, so several pairs had already been passed to my sister, but a few longer. YES, i save the shoeboxes. Respect your shoes.

The view from the door - the cedar chest is accessible again!

I centered the shelf (from target for $5 a zillion years might get painted) and used the dividers - everything has a place now. To the left are pants and tops and to the right are skirst and dresses and the few pairs of shoes who have lost their boxes. I wear those Toms every day. I'm not kidding. Toms also doesn't care who I am. I love their shoes, though. 

That bag just to the left is a Christmas present for my son. I am officially my mother.

Conundrum: I have 5 American Girl dolls + clothes, accessories and..yes...some furniture. I kept it out in the hopes that a daughter would come along to play with them. That hasn't happened yet and I'm starting to worry about moths and dust and etc....anyone have any genius storage tips?

In the meantime: clean your closet! You will thank me.


  1. I've been hearing that you shouldn't store fabric of any kind in any box that doesn't breathe. It's apparently why baby clothes that aren't stained when you put them away mysteriously produce amazingly disgusting stains if you put them into plastic bins that don't breathe. As for the moths - cedar planks, maybe?
    That's all I got. And are you saying my shoe organizer from Ikea isn't respecting my shoes?!

  2. It just feels wrong to buy shoes that arrive in boxes which have been made for them only to toss the box and put them in new boxes that may or may not fit them. Obviously, shoe boxes go missing (I have 5 pairs with no boxes) and an organizer is better than a pile on the floor, so if it's working for you - go for it.

    I have heard the same thing re: breathing. hence the need for reorganizing!


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