Saturday, October 2, 2010

I've been a bad blogger.

Really, what it is, is that I've been a busy mommy who's let her blogging slide.

Let's see...what's new....we went to a Mama's and Movers class on Thursday and will go for the next two thursdays. It's at Harmony Birth and Bunny just LOVED it. It's a little bit of pilates and yoga for moms and playing for the crawlers/early walkers. He's never been around so much chaos. Next Thursday I will take pictures. I wanted us to be comfortable this time rather than my worrying about catching his reactions.

I bought a big car seat. There are pictures on my F75.

Speaking of which, one of the blogs I follow - Life With my 3 Boybarians (how great is that name?) is doing a 31 days to better photos series... I've decided to give it a whirl.

Step one: I did some serious googling and actually found the F75 users manual. And am now printing all 67 double pages of it.

I've started up the flickr...we went to a wedding (which I was in) in Maine...I carved a clay pumpkin....Bunny learned to crawl....and if these teeth don't break through soon I might scream.

The end.

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