Thursday, August 12, 2010

Babyproofing, step one


the cocktail table. A solid block of wood on legs. It's sturdy, pretty, and it weighs 800 tons.
Also behold: the 90 degree angles that are certain to put an eye out:
(ignore the bleeding stain, please.)
My solution?

Because I am a genius of style and whimsy.

I picked up 2" thick bits of foam, secured it around the table with duct tape, and set up my sewing machine....only to have it revolt.

So I called up my friend Amy, a fellow DIY enthusiast, and she called upon some even more knowledgeable ladies, and a few days later....voila!

(this is pretty much always the state of things: ever so slightly disheveled)

I added the mat from Costco and stuck in the spot made available by the re-arranging done when my parents were here (after which everyone in the house said "WHY didn't we do this sooner????") and now there is cushion on both sides for when Bunny pulls up, falls down, scoots over, etc etc.

(I may still bubble wrap the legs...I hear it comes in *colors*)

And the best part? It's chalk cloth, so you can write on it. When it's not covered in life's detritus, that is.

I even made a box in which to keep the chalk.

(tray: target a million years ago. Coasters: cotton/hemp breast pads. They've been washed. They may get tie-dyed if I get up the gumption. Chalk: Target. Box kit and paper: Paper Source.)

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