Sunday, April 11, 2010


of Irony, that is ;-)

I want to raise a peaceful child who has balance and harmony in his life.

And on my bookshelf is a section of books dedicated to offing people in new and exciting ways- and what to do with the remains once they' Seriously - this week I'm ordering The Poisoner's Handbook.

Also - in a perfect world I'd be earning a living writing about (fictional) people who off other (fictional) people and the (still fictional) people who find them out and stop them.

So, lesson one: reality vs. fiction. Just as soon as he can talk.

Happy Sunday!

PS - one of my favorite bloggers sold her book. I'm so happy for the bitch.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous09:47

    That book sounds very... interesting. ;)

    I *finally* got your PM. Not able to reply, though. !?!?? Maybe I'd have more luck via email?

    Hope you're well! moroccojade~


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