Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Close...

Yet so far...

What my ripest pomegranate looks like:

What the rest of them look like:


And for good measure...what our Orange crop looks like:

Chances of that first one up there being ready when we get back from Vegas....slim to none. By Halloween for sure. Can you say Holiday Mocktails? Because I can!

Oh yes, we're going to Vegas. There was supposed to be a wedding but that got canned (boo!) but all of the men from the wedding party had already booked so they're having a guys weekend. One in which wives and a few parents are involved. 

This means that I'll be spending a lot of time drinking virgin Daquiris by the pool.

Which pool?

THIS pool:

It's ok to be jealous.

I've got a couple of maternity dresses that are actually cute (thank you, Nordstrom) for the two nice dinners we're still having and a stack of magazines and books.

Husband looked up "Strip Club Etiquette" on the web the other night. If you know him, you're not surprised. If you don't know him - trust me. Don't be surprised.

We've got an understanding that room service is a must.

I'm charging my camera batteries.

See you Monday, BAMFs!

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