Thursday, October 14, 2010

A little bathroom project

We have our diaper/potty station set up in Steve's bathroom for a few reasons.

1) I want all potty/bathing/hygiene related activities to happen in the bathroom. My theory is that it will then just be that place where those things happen rather than someplace we have to introduce and explain later. And if he knows that potties are for pooping in and not playing in then I'm hopeful we can avoid having our pipes clogged with matchbox cars later down the road.

2) It came with a conveniently sized counter for just such a purpose.

3) It keeps dirty diapers out of his room, which is the most child-safe spot in the house. Thus allowing him to explore unfettered...and without offending us all with the amazing stench that has recently associated itself with his back-end. Luckily - not only does our bathroom have a window, but the wet bag pretty much contains the stink.

The downside was our changing pad. It was a hand me down from an amazing friend and it is perfect for our purposes...but it didn't have a cover. So it was just plain ol' white plastic. And I *needed* to cover it.

Thankfully, Baz has started taking some semi-decent naps, so over the course of THREE FREAKING DAYS - I managed to sew 2 seams and get it on there. Behold:

 I used THIS tutorial. It's a quilting fabric on top - I can remember neither the make nor the model, but it's from the Bobbin's Nest - and a plain white terry on the bottom, which I got in 3 boxes worth of cloth diapering fabric I scored a few months ago.

I also managed to whip out a pre-fold belt...but that's another story.

Happy Thursday!


  1. LOVE. Great sewing job, btw. Sewing Machines and I do not get along, so anyone who can sew... um... anything, gets my adoration!

  2. Very nice set up. I love that chicken fabric!


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