Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating the Scribble

Last week I ordered this book from Hicklebees that is all about encouraging writing development.  (Bonus: the author is an occupational therapist so she knows of what she speaks.)

I've only just started it, but we know that Baz already has a love of crayons, so now I make a point of having coloring time every day. Some days I color with him and some days I fold laundry or pick up.

Most helpful tip so far: when coloring with your child, keep your art on the same developmental level as theirs so they don't get discouraged. In hindsight this rings true. If only I had known as a teenage babysitter!

 The next quandary: what to do with all of this art? Blogs and publications galore talk about the myriad ways you can save and show off and honor your child's efforts. 

I went with two robe hooks from target, some grosgrain and the animal pegs:

He loves it: 
 (I've seen this before, but I can't for the life of me remember where. When I figure it out, I will credit the genius who inspired this.)

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