Saturday, May 1, 2010

I missed it...

I follow a blog kept by one of the mommies on one of the boards I frequent.

To quote:

"After several ultrasounds and two CVS tests, it was confirmed that our son, Elijah, has Trisomy 13. He has several defects such as extra fingers and toes, cleft palate, no lenses (eyes), enlarged kidneys, two vessel cord, the right side of the heart appears to be larger than the left, and a few more things. Although Eli has many complications, he is both perfect and beautiful to me. He has opened up our hearts to what love truly means. We are not sure if he will make it to term or through labor. If we do get to meet him while he is still alive, it will only be for a short time. I was unsure about continuing on with this pregnancy, but I am happy I chose to do so. This pregnancy will most likely be the only time I get to spend with him during his life, every little kick makes me smile, and every week he continues to stay alive and strong is a milestone. No matter what happens, my family has been blessed."

I have followed her story and feel like she is a friend (amazing what internet can do.)

He was born just before 3pm on April 25th and passed away not quite 24 hours later. My heart breaks for Laura and her family. Because of the pace of my own life, I only just found out.

So tonight I don't mind that my left hand is (yet again) being put to sleep by my sleeping baby. I will cherish every minute with him. It's all I can do for her. And, yes, I cried. Because - and I'm misquoting Denise Roy- "I entered into the human journey. I have taken it on from the inside, not as a dispassionate observer but as one who chooses to bear another's sorrow and pain. It makes a difference for the ones who suffer and for yourself."

And because this song will always remind me of Laura's angel, I'll share it with you:

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